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Employee fraud costs India $40 bn India maybe losing around US$40 billion to employee fraud every year. A recent research done by a Pune-based research and consultancy firm states that employee fraud in the More...

India Fraud Survey Report 2008: KPMG Source: KPMG Archives and various other websites post the report release in March 2008.
Terming the country as a 'fraud haven' with about 60 per cent of the firms having detected frauds in past two years More...


ICREST is one of the upcoming Background Verification Company, operating from Bangalore catering to Credential verification requirements of the organizations.
People risk is one of the major internal risks any organisation is exposed to. By understanding its nature and damage potential and adoption of background screening programs,Oraganisations can insulate themselves from such risks.ICREST understands the criticality of hiring process in reducing people risk for a company.


If you are looking for verification services to your organization Which is...

  • Cost Effective
  • Quality Information
  • Fast Reports


"It has been a big challenge for us to verify the background credentials of a new hire, it has been a very delightful experience working with Icrest, they commit and deliver the reports on time. Which has helped us in turn around time of making a offer to employee."

Ganesh H S, CEO, IdeaCarve

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